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Two Rustic Barns with a Courtyard in between

Why two barns??  We never intended on building two barns but we are so thankful that we did.  

For it was not our plan but Gods.

With two barns and the court yard area in between you will have over 5500 square feet of indoor and outdoor space.  

This gives you seating for 250 and so many options for your ceremony and your reception.

 You can have your ceremony in one barn, your reception in the other barn while you dance under the lights of the courtyard.

You can use both barns for your reception so that your guest have plenty of space.

You also have a built in rain plan.  Your ceremony in one barn and reception in the other barn.

Caters love our prep-area!!

This area is 30 ft long and 14ft wide with a commercial refrigerator, sink, warmer, freezer and ice maker. 

Giving your cater plenty of room for preparation in a heated/cooled area. 

Our prep-area is stocked with cleaning supplies, trash bags, paper towels and trash disposal 

is also provided.

Parking and a grilling area is just steps out of the back door and easy access to the barns for serving. 

We are so excited to share our farm tables with you.

Each table is 10 ft long and 34 inches wide.

They can set at last 12 adults. Perfect for the wedding party and special guest at your wedding.

In 1968 Pappy William Nobles and Mr. Elder Hucks built these tables for the Saddle Club that was on our farm.

Over 50 years of memories have been made at these tables.

We are so excited to be able to use them at The Blessed Barn.

Family, friends and guest will continue to have great conversation and share many meals together around these special tables.

The Doors

Several years ago we tore down my Pa and Grandma's 

( Edward & Lena Bell Barnhill) barn.

It had become really run down.

We were able to save a few beams from the barn.

We gave them to Mr. Pearly ( our builder and dear friend) and ask him to put them in the barns wherever he thought they should go.

So today he surprised me.

These will be the doors on the front of each barn.

That beautiful cross in the door is a part of the beam that came from my grandparents barn.

So now every time we look at those four doors we will remember my Pa and Grandma.

But it gets even more special, we will also think of the man that God sent to build The Blessed Barn, Mr. Pearly Lewis

Men’s and women’s restrooms; handicapped- accessible

Close parking and parking attendant for your special day

Outdoor game area with corn holes and other games for guests

Beautiful decorations: candles, lanterns, whiskey barrels, and many other items

Patio area on each barn

Our sunsets are beautiful on the farm.