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What our customers are saying

An absolute beautiful venue! could not ask for a better place or people to coordinate with! Melissa was right there anytime we needed her and made things a breeze for me! Not one single complaint from me or my family. My guests kept commenting on how beautiful and classy it was. they were not expecting barns to be classy! 

You will not regret booking here.

- Mom of the bride

Mica McManus Izzard

August 24, 2021

What our customers are saying

I recently got married this past June here at The Blessed Barn and every moment was perfect. From the amazing staff, the amount of decorations I got to use, and to all the hard work the staff put into getting my benches ready for the ceremony and helping my mom get everything situated before the ceremony/reception. I cannot thank Mrs. Melissa enough for all that she did for me and my family while getting ready for my big day. She really has a heart of gold. I highly recommend the Blessed Barn, I will forever cherish my wedding. Definitely plan to use the venue for future occasions!!

- Michaela Jones

September 27, 2021

What our customers are saying

My husband and I got married November 2020! The Blessed Barn was one of the top venues on our list and we are so happy that it was our final! The location, amenities, and atmosphere provided everything that we needed. It fit very well with our budget and reminded us of our small country hometown! The entire Nobles family helped us during the process (very humble)! Mrs. Melissa and her family not only provided great customer service, they helped us in a spiritual sense as well! Would enjoy booking future events at the Blessed Barn.

Kim Harrington

What our customers are saying

The venue is absolutely beautiful with several options on where to have the ceremony. The “goodie barn” is a budget saver!! It is packed full of everything you could want to decorate and there is no charge for using these items!! BUT the BEST part of The Blessed Barn are the owners. Melissa will make you feel like family. On the day of my nieces wedding it rained and rained hard. We had planned to have the ceremony outside. Cue full panic mode! Melissa and her son worked tirelessly to help us move everything and get set up just in time. They go above and beyond and truly care about each couple they meet. I cannot say enough about them!! You will not regret choosing this venue!!

Christina Coleman

What our customers are saying

 Our experience with the blessed barn was more than we could have asked for! The venue was beautiful and the layout was very practical for a wedding! Melissa was so kind and helpful throughout the ENTIRE process!

Kaitlyn Ryhal Varghese

What our customers are saying

My daughter Allison Harrington married Chase Harrington at The Blessed Barn on Saturday, September 28, 2019. To say that the experience was perfect would be an understatement. When you book your event at The Blessed Barn, you are getting so much more than the use of a venue. I have had the blessing of knowing Melissa Nobles for over 20 years, and I must say, that spending time with her during this process has been one of the greatest blessings of all. If you choose to use her family owned venue for your event, you will be adding her to your family. It's just that simple. She & Victor Nobles welcome you into their venue like you are coming home for a visit. It feels that good. The property is extraordinary!! The breathtaking views are incredible, with so many places outside to have your ceremony, and the TWO barns are just beautiful. The blessed barn offers a whole building full of decorations for you to use to make your event perfect, including all the tables, chairs, and everything you could possibly want to put on them. What is even better is that you can also have Melissa Nobles direct your wedding. With this, you have the perfect gift of her professionalism, her experience, her flair for making things beautiful, her friendship, her advice, but more than that, she will work her hardest to make your daughter's dreams come true when she walks down that aisle, and even run and scale a fence in a dress because your daughter forgot her bouquet! 😀

The bride and groom dressing rooms are perfect spaces to get ready, and there is not one reason to have to leave the property from start to finish! The scripture on the sign says it all...

You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out. Deuteronomy 28:6

I am so thankful that my daughter was able to have her wedding at The Blessed Barn, and if you are considering an event of any kind, I would love to tell you all about the wonderful, God filled, experience we had as a family here. God bless the family of Melissa Nobles & Victor Nobles as they continue to make dreams come true for so many couples and families.

-Leslie Gerrald

What our customers are saying

I fell in love with the Blessed Barn once I walked on the grounds, it felt right, it's the place I want to start my life at, the place I want to join as one with my future husband and my daughter. The feeling I felt when I walk in the doors, this place was build with love and had a story behind it. God blessed this family and now he has blessed us to be able to join as one in October 2020.

- Dana Strickland

What our customers are saying

Touring the facility, it was ever so apparent that Melissa & Victor were following God’s plan for their lives in building this venue. When you can feel the Holy Spirit while touring a wedding venue and see God’s word written all over the studs during construction, you just know it is meant to be. My daughter Allison will be married there in just a couple of months, and working with Melissa is an absolute dream. She is so thoughtful, helpful, and so knowledgeable about so many areas. We are very happy and grateful to have found The Blessed Barn and for working with such a wonderful family!

- Leslie Gerald

What our customers are saying

I attended a beautiful wedding in April at the Blessed Barn.....I could truly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit!❤️


-Karen Watson

What our customers are saying

The Blessed Barn is an absolutely breathtaking venue that I fell in love with from the moment I stepped foot on the grounds. I have been welcomed by the Nobles family since the moment I met them and have watched the process of building the Blessed Barn unfold. This family had a vision and made it come to life and it couldn’t have turned out more beautiful. I can’t ever thank them enough for all they have done for me as a photographer and my career.. but most importantly for taking me in and welcoming me as a lifetime friend to their family❤️

- Chelsea Rossi

What our customers are saying

I love all of the different options for locations to have the ceremony and the people who own it of course.

- Brandi N Graham

What our customers are saying

I have been to many wedding venues all over North Carolina and South Carolina and I am happy for the Nobles family for building a very nice wedding venue that Aynor really needed. It was long over due.I look forward to being there at many of the upcoming weddings. I have already been there several times and I can tell a lot of hard work and detail has been put into a place to have many sacred wedding ceremonies and wedding reception celebrations. I have been to two weddings providing the tunes 🎶 and both weddings were a blast! Many more celebrations of #HappyBrideAndGrooms to come in the future @ The Blessed Barn. This venue is very accommodating. Great job Victor, Melissa, and your family.

- Shane Price

What our customers are saying

 I can’t wait to have my wedding at the Blessed Barn in May 2020. The venue is absolutely gorgeous. Mrs. Melissa and her family have gone above and beyond to help make their renters’ wedding day less stressful and enjoyable.

- Lorinda Singleton

What our customers are saying

I absolutely love this place. To hear the story of how it came to be is awesome. You definitely know that God had His hands in it. My favorite is the cross on the hill. Simply beautiful. If you haven't seen it, you need to come see for yourself.

- Kay Nobles

What our customers are saying

The property is beautiful...something you have to see in person! Melissa and Victor are very accommodating to one’s every need from start to finish. This place and the people are truly a blessing!!!

- Emily Salley